Tournament & Club Policies
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Rancho Park Golf Club (RPGC) members of all skill levels and in good standing with an established current index are eligible for competition in all non-major and non-special tournament play.

Please review the Handicap Policy section for details as there have been changes to the policy, including the use of a Club Index.

Failure to WD within 48 hours of your tee time or failure to show up for a tournament will result in the forfeiture of your signup fees - and a $20 penalty before you play in the next tournament.

Cart paths only within 30 yards of all greens (or as where marked by the course superintendent by rope, tape or signs). 

  • Penalty: 2-strokes for every violation.

The above applies to both golf cart drivers and riders. Handicapped carts are exempt from this policy.


RPGC has the following Pace of Play regulation in effect: 

If your group is more than one hole behind for more than one hole, each member of the group will receive a 2-stroke penalty.

Remember the #1 rule in Pace of Play:  Keep up with the group in front of you. No excuses.  The group behind you is irrelevant, do not worry about them. Your group must keep the pace with the group in front of you. Period.

Here are some Ready Golf Guidelines to help you keep the pace of play so that everyone has a good time on the course.


Players are required to check in with the club official at the table 20 minutes prior to their scheduled tee time to guarantee play. If you miss the deadline, you will be assessed a 1-stroke penalty on your scorecard. Additionally, despite having paid to play, the Tournament Chairman reserves the right to replace you in the tournament should you not check in on time. If you experience an unforeseen delay on the way to the golf course, contact another member in your foursome or the Tournament Chairman about your delay.

Players must be at the first tee while the group in front of them is teeing off or they will incur a one-stroke penalty.  If a player is not ready to tee off ten (10) minutes prior to their scheduled time, that member will be disqualified in accordance with USGA rule 6-3 and will result in the forfeiting of the player's fees. A second offense will be considered a serious breach of Club policy and may be reviewed by the Board of Directors to determine sanction or penalty. There should always be two groups on the first tee box: The group teeing off and the group on deck.  Players WILL be disqualified if they are late to the tee box.


Under USGA Rule 6-7/1, if a player delays play between holes such as forgetting clubs in the previously played hole, he is delaying play of the next hole and is a detriment to the group at the hole behind. A two-stroke penalty must be recorded on that member's scorecard. A second offense will result in a DQ.


Members shall not play any practice stroke on or near the putting green of the hole last played in any RPGC stroke play event. If a practice stroke is played on or near the putting green of the hole last played, the player shall incur a penalty of two strokes at the next hole, except that in the case of the last hole of the round, he incurs the penalty at that hole.


The Club recommends its members to make every effort to rake the bunkers immediately and efficiently after their stroke out of the bunker without undue delay. The rake should be left outside the bunkers in areas where they are least likely (in most cases, behind the bunker) to affect the movement of any ball hit by the groups behind.

USGA-approved measuring devices are approved for use at all events. The USGA decision permits the use of devices that measure distance only; devices that measure other conditions that might affect a player’s play (such as wind and slope gradient) are not permitted. 


Please adhere to Section I - Etiquette Behavior on the Course in the Rules of Golf handbook. If a member's device makes a sound on the golf course that is a detriment to a competitor, that competitor shall have authority to disqualify the member. Undue delay caused by abuse can also result in disqualification.


The Tournament Director will divide the field into halves or thirds (depending on the number of players registered for the tournament) based on the current, low, or club index depnding on the type of tournament. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to increase or decrease the number of flights based on the skill levels of the members participating.


Fees will vary depending on the event.  Prices are set by the board and clearly stated, tournament by tournament, on the website.  Included in the tournament price is prize pool fee, 100% of which goes back to the membership in the form of scrip prizes after each respective tournament. Please note, RPGC only takes registrations for tournaments online, if you cannot register (and pay) online, please contact the Tournament Director.


The deadline to ensure entry for all tournaments is typically ten (10) calendar days prior to the event in order to meet the City of Los Angeles booking cut off. 


Tournaments start at either 7:04am, 8:00am or 9:04am. The official starting time for members will be posted on our website a few days before the tournament. Players are advised to check their tee times the night before the tournament - things change fast and often.

We recommend the following time frame for playing in tournaments:

- Members commit to complete their rounds of golf under 4 hours.

Middle - Members commit to complete their rounds of golf under 4 hours / 30 minutes.

Late - Members commit to complete their rounds of golf under 5 hours.

Each player is solely responsible for signing and attesting his correct score prior to submitting to the Tournament Committee in accordance to USGA Rule 6-6, unless otherwise instructed. Failure to properly sign and attest your score may result in a disqualification for that tournament. Drop your completed scorecard off in the designated box next to the posting computer in the pro shop or as instructed in the tournament rules. It's always a good idea to take a photo of your scorecard after you complete the round.


Members failing to post their scores, or posting the wrong score, are subject to temporary of permanent expulsion from the club.  It is VITAL that you post your score each time you play.  

Tournament players will have their scores posted for them by the Handicap/Scoring Com
mittee.  The only exception to this rule is for the 2nd and later rounds  of the "Self Scheduled" tournaments (Match Play Championship and 4-Ball Championship).  In these tournaments players are required to post their scores, as (T) Tournament rounds, within 24 hours of completing play. Failure to post your score within 24 hours will result in a penalty round being posted on your SCGA scoring file.


In the event that a match has been "closed out" before 18 holes have been played, if a player decides not to finish the remaining holes, he must enter net pars for the remaining holes on his scorecard.  If he decides to play out, he must enter net par for the remaining holes on his scorecard.

Typically, all home tournaments will provide a bonus per/flight for landing the closest to the pin on each of the par 3 holes (#3, #8, #12 and #16). The amount of the bonus depends on the amount of prize fund collected for that tournament. Typically, scrip for home tournaments is awarded in the following manner:

1st place $100, 2nd place $80, 3rd place $60, 4th place $40, 5th place $20. Scrip prizes are based upon the prize fund collected for that tournament.

If there are more than 130 players in a tournament these awards may be increased.

Ties for bonus points will be broken by matching cards in accordance with the USGA Rule 33-6 recommended method of matching the back nine (10 - 18) scores on the scorecard to start. If the tied players have the same score for the last nine, determine the winner on the basis of the last six holes, last three holes and finally the 18th hole in Low Gross. Low Net ties will use the same procedure while including handicaps per the USGA Handicap Policy.


Please visit our Golfer of the Year page for more details.


Please visit our Tournament of Champions page for more details.

The conditions of competition for both majors and special golf tournaments will supercede and contain exceptions to Club policy. Members should read the specific requirements for eligibility prior to registering to play. Some tournaments take place over a period of days or months and some restrict play to members over a certain age. Typically, the flights are determined by using the established low index rather than the established current index.


To be eligible for Major Tournaments, a member must
·         have an established low index,
·         must be a member in good standing of RPGC,
·         have competed in at least 3 RPGC sanctioned tournaments within 12 months of the Major Tournament

The Four-Ball and Club Champions will represent Rancho in the SCGA Four-Ball Net Championship and Tournament of Club Champions tournaments.


The low gross winner of the championship flight of the Club Championship and the low net winner (from any flight) of the Tournament of Champions will represent RPGC each year in the Los Angeles City Tournament of Club Champions.


Play may be suspended due to unplayable conditions including the prohibition of golf carts on the golf course. The tournament directors will have the full authority to determine if play should be suspended.

Every effort will be made to proceed with play if it is likely that all registered members will be able to complete the stipulated round of golf without jeopardizing their health and safety. Because Rancho Park Golf Club does not own the golf course, we are subject to the City of Los Angeles' non-refundable policy once payment is made 15 minutes prior to the first tee time. We are not entitled to stop mid-tournament and resume later or reschedule for another day.

Please be courteous -- every time we have a rainout some people approve and some people disapprove. Although you are entitled to your opinion, please do not rudely complain to our volunteers who are only trying to do what's best for the club. Remember, if the club pays for 120 golfers and a downpour starts one hour into the tournament, ALL MONEY IS LOST.


Members shall be required to know and practice USGA Rules on Etiquette. All players should conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship at all times, irrespective of how competitive they may be. This is the spirit of the game of golf. Failure to demonstrate etiquette and decorum will be considered to be a serious breach of Club policy and may be reviewed by the Board of Directors to determine sanction or penalty. In addition to any disciplinary action recommended by the Grievance Committee, you may be restricted to enter in future tournaments and possibly expelled from the Club.


All play shall be in accordance with the USGA Rules of Golf and the course local rules.  It is the responsibility of each member to know the rules of stroke play.  If in doubt on the golf course with any rule, play a second ball for a later ruling by the Tournament Director and or the Rules Committee Chairman. The club also requires that our members have an understanding of the USGA Decisions On The Rules of Golf and the specific conditions under which the competition is to be played. (USGA Rule 33-1). Please adhere to Section I - Etiquette Behavior on the Course in the Rules of Golf handbook. 


For Tournaments played at Rancho Park, the club Local Rules are in effect. These rules are spelled out on the tournament rules sheets and on the RPGC website, which is accessible 24/7/365. To read the Local Rules, click HERE.


According to the USGA Rules Definitions, The "Committee" is the committee in charge of the competition or, if the matter does not arise in a competition, the committee in charge of the course. Further USGA defined responsibilities of the Committee are provided in paragraph 33 of the Rules. For any particular RPGC tournament, the Competition Committee shall be composed of the Tournament Director for that tournament and the Rules Committee. This committee need only be formed when there is a dispute or decision required.

In the absence of a referee, any dispute or doubtful point on the USGA Rules or RPGC policy must be submitted verbally, in writing, or email to the Competition Committee within forty-eight (48) hours after the stipulated round of golf. If a dispute involves two parties, it will be the burden of the member making an allegation to provide a written or email copy of the pertinent USGA Rule or RPGC policy verbatim for reference to support the claim. Timely witness statements are welcomed to facilitate disposition of the claim. The Competition Committee shall review the dispute and/or doubtful point and provide the final decision and disposition.

Thor Tandberg
Tournament Chairman