MGA Team Play
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2017 Los Angeles Municipal Golf Association (M.G.A.) Team Play

1 Griffith Park 7 4 1 15
2 Rancho Park 7 5 0 14
3 Woodley Lakes 5 4 3 13
T4 Sepulveda Mens 5 6 1 11
T4 Sepulveda Srs. 5 6 1 1
6 Hansen Dam 4 8 0 8

8/17/2017 Encino Sepulveda Sepulveda Srs
  Hansen Hansen Dam Rancho Park
  Harding Griffith Park Woodley Lakes
9/21/2017 Encino Sepulveda Srs Rancho Park
  Woodley Woodley Lakes Sepulveda
  Harding Hansen Dam Griffith Park
10/19/2017 Balboa Sepulveda Rancho Park
  Hansen Woodley Lakes Hansen Dam
  Wilson Griffith Park Sepulveda Srs

Round 8 -  August 17 - Rancho Park G.C. vs Hansen Dam G.C.

(Hansen Dam) Rancho lost the 
Individual match, 37-32, and the Team match, 17-13, against Hansen Dam G.C., on Hansen Dam golf course.

Came up a little short today. Most of the matches were pretty close . I know it's tough to give away a lot of strokes.
I appreciate everyone showing up and doing their best. Especially Ale!! Apparently he drove into the curb and damaged his car. But being the team guy that he is, his Mercedes limped out to Pacoima and he got his round in!! My kind of guy!!!
Welcome back Kevin who really played well and shot a net 69.
Thor is joining the ranks of elite golfers with , I think it's 6 rounds in a row in the 70's, I like it!!
Jimmy Gisondo managed 2 points against Jim Yeh. And if u haven't seen that guy drive a golf ball, he's 320 down the middle on every hole. We had a good time in our foursome and it was a very close fun match.
Well we'll see if Woodley came out on top of Griffith. I'll tell you something , this year will be the closet standings for many teams that I've seen in years...
Let's get em next time!!!
Thanks again guys!!! Ferg 

Round 7 -  July 20 - Rancho Park G.C. vs Woodley Lakes G.C.

(Woodley) Rancho lost the 
Individual match, 31-29, and the Team match, 16-14, against Woodley Lakes G.C., on Woodley golf course.

Well guys it was close!!! One point individual or team and we push that play. 
They had 5 players net 60's, we had five players net 60's.
They had 7 players net par or better, we had 7 players net par or better.
They had 3 players over net par, we had 3 players over net par.
About the only thing you can say is they didn't have anybody to shoot a gross score in the 60's as we did, thanks to Bryan Crocker's 69!!!!
Congrats to Stephen Lewis for the eagle on #11!!
Also to Luigi, Marc Dauber and Bryan Crocker for taking all 6 of their points. 
Today was a big win for those guys, hey it happens...:)

Thanks for coming out and giving it your best!!! Ferg

Round 6 -  June 8 - Rancho Park G.C. vs Griffith Park G.C.

(Wilson) Rancho won the 
Individual match, 39-33, but lost the Team match, 29-7, against Griffith Park G.C., on Wilson golf course, to split the points and stay in the lead of the championship.

Got to tell you, it feels like a win to me!!!
Split on their home course, we already had sole possession of first place!, sweet!!
Some guys ran into some really great play, Waran, Ale, Michael, Pat. They have some great players, our number one Michael as a two was getting 5 strokes! When does that ever happen!!
We are a team and we win and lose as a team, I must mention the guys that got the majority of the indys today. Thor, Steve Wieber( the rock), Marc, Jimmy G, Steve Harrold, myself and special thanks to Pat Hanley who split with his opponent who shot a 32 on the back!!
Thanks again everyone!!

Round 5 -  May 18 - Rancho Park G.C. vs Hansen Dam G.C.

(Rancho) No report.

Round 4 -  April 16 - Rancho Park G.C. vs Sepulveda Senior's Golf Club

(Sepulveda Dam) Rancho lost the 
Individual match, 35-37, and the Team match, 17-19, against the Sepulveda Senior's club, on Balboa golf course.

Well guys, we got a little lucky and got some help from Hansen who split with Griffith. So we are in a tie for first with Griffith. Let's not look a gift horse in the mouth...:) Ferg

Round 3 -  March 16 - Rancho Park vs Sepulveda Men's Club

(Sepulveda Dam) Rancho won the 
Individual match, 40-27, and the Team match, 21-15, against the Sepulveda Men's Club on Encino golf course.
Thanks to everyone that played today!! That was a  great win as Sepulveda had split with Griffith last month.
They played us tough and I'm real proud of the way many players never gave up and got points finishing hard!!
Crocker finishing birdie eagle to get a point, Altman finishing birdie.birdie, birdie to get his split.
Luigi and Blank closing strong to win the last three holes to tip the scales in their favor.
And of course Jimmy G for taking home 6 total!! and good job to Pat Carrier and myself for the net 60 rounds, always a good sign.
Next month we are over at Balboa for Sepulveda Seniors, looking forward to it!!!
Steady Eddie


Round 1 -  January 19 - Griffith Park vs Rancho Park - POSTPONED 
Round 2 -  February 23 - Rancho Park vs Woodley Lakes  
(Sepulveda Dam) Rancho won the Individual match, 37-23, and the Team match, 20-10, against the Woodley Lakes Golf Club at Woodley golf course.

Big thanks to everyone for winning both ways today. Welcome back to Zach Orell , good to have you and your six points. A big welcome to Tristan Crown( who killed it btw!!) and Jeremy Lusk who showed up in a big way!!
Thanks to Thor Tandberg to getting us going with a smooth 77!! Cookie with another great round and Tristan who would not be denied today a 77 net 62!!!. All groups got the majority of the 18 points available except Clarence and Robert who ran into a legitimate buzz saw a net 59!! The first net score in the 50's I've seen!! Stay excited guys, third Thursday of the month through October. Let's do it again guys!!! - Captain Eddie


2016 Los Angeles Municipal Golf Association (M.G.A.) Team Play
Champions Rancho Park Golf Club

Round 10 - October 20 -
Rancho Park beat Woodley at home to WIN the 2016 Municipal Team Golf Championship of Los Angeles!
(Rancho Park) Rancho won the Individual match, 39-21 and the Team match, 21-9, against the Woodley club at Rancho golf course.

Congratulations guys! What a fantastic season from everybody!!

Some fantastic efforts today from everyone, I just can’t single out anyone. I think back on the season and I remember magnificent efforts by so many. What a great team!! So proud to be involved with you guys! Way to represent ourselves and Rancho!! - Captain Eddie


Round 9 -  September 15 - Rancho Park vs Sepulveda 
(Sepulveda Dam) Rancho won the Individual match, 48-24, and the Team match, 26-10, against the Sepulved Men's Club team at Encino golf course.

Well that was some contest today!! A real pleasure to be a part of! Thanks go out to evryone for contributing. 

There was some spectacular golf played today from our #1 and # 2 players respectively. A 67 for Michael Altman (net 64) and a 68 from Bryan Crocker (net 65)!!!
But there were more stellar rounds, Stephen Lewis shooting a 78, net 68 to anchor his team. Luke Rex ran into a buzz saw, net 66, but he fired a cool 75, net 67 to manage a 3-3 split. Pat Carrier took 6 points for us and Jim Blank giving away a million strokes, shot an 81, net 70 to pick up 5.
Hard fought matches up and down the lineup
 - Captain Eddie


Rancho Park 15 3 0 30
Griffith Park 14 4 0 28
Woodley Lakes 9 9 0 18
Sepulveda Mens 7 10 1 15
Hansen Dam 7 11 0 14
Sepulveda Srs. 1 16 1 3


Round 8 -  August 18 - Rancho Park vs Hansen Dam 
(Rancho) Rancho won against Hansen Dam by default.
The big news of the day of course was that Woodley Lakes beat Griffith convincingly both ways, which leap frogged us back into first place!!!Now our season is really in our own hands. We need to win both ways in both of our upcoming matches and the title stays at Rancho!! - Captain Eddie 

Round 7 -  July 21 - Rancho Park vs Griffith Park 
(Rancho) At home, Rancho won the Individual match, 42-30, but lost the Team match, 13-23, against the Griffith Park team.
Hey guys thanks for coming out today and giving it a great shot!! We played well and they played well also. Croker and Wade fighting back from 5 down to come up with points. A number of low net scores, great round from Michael Altman! Jimmy G, Steven W and Marc D with big points. A number of matches that could have turned out very different with team points. All in all, we split. So still two points behind, we need to win out and get a tiny bit of help. Three matches left guys, keep your chins up!! - Captain Eddie 
MGA sad news: Long time Sepulveda golf club leader Pete Heller "succumbed to his illness and has passed away".

Round 8 - August 18 - Rancho vs. Hansen Dam at Home at Rancho

Griffith Park 12 2 0 24
Rancho Park 11 3 0 22
Hansen Dam 7 7 0 14
Sepulveda Mens 6 8 0 12
Woodley Lakes 5 9 0 10
Sepulveda Srs. 1 13 0 2

Round 6 -  June 16 - Rancho Park at Sepulveda Seniors 
(Balboa) On old Tom Morris's birthday, Rancho lost the Individual match, 41-31, but won the Team match, 19-17, against the Sepulveda Seniors team, on Balboa golf course.
Ok guys, I’m afraid we came up a little short of our goal today. 95% sure Griffith won both ways and we split, so they have inched in front for the first time this season. Now next months match against Griffith at home is for all the marbles!!!! - Captain Eddie 

Round 5 -  May 19 - Hansen Dam at Rancho Park

(Cheviot Hills) Rancho won the 
Individual match, 40-20, and the Team match, 25-5, against the Hansen Dam team, at home on Rancho, to stay at the top of the standings.

Round 4 -  April 21 - Rancho Park at Sepulveda

(Encino) Rancho won the 
Individual match, 42-30, and the Team match, 23-13, against the Sepulveda team, at home on the Encino golf course, to remain tied in first place with Griffith Park. 
Great job today guys! That was a big win! They fielded a great team and we beat them at home. Captain Eddie

Round 3 -  March 17 - Rancho Park at Woodley Lakes

(Sepulveda Dam) Rancho won the 
Individual match 42-18, and the Team match 17-13, against the Woodley team on the Woodley Lakes golf course.  

Round 2 -  February 18 - Rancho Park at Griffith Park (Harding)

(Griffith Park) Rancho won the 
Individual match 42-30, but lost the Team match 22-14, against the Griffith Park team on Harding golf course. 

Round 1 -  January 20 - Rancho Park at Sepulveda Seniors (Balboa)

(Sepulveda Dam) Rancho, the reigning champion M.G.A. Team, began the new season on a scruffy Balboa golf course, under Lift, Clean and Place. The visitors took a nearly perfect team victory against the home senior club, 35-1. The individual score was 53-19 for the visiting Red Riders! Surely a rout! 

Team Captain Ed Fergusen had this to say about it:

"Thanks to everyone today getting the 2016 MGA season off with a bang!!! 
Some low scores at the top of the order really got us going in the right direction, Tandberg, Ziebarth, Wade( was Stellar), Crocker and Wieber!!! And Anzelk and Carstens buttoned it up nicely."

Griffith Park, November 19, 2015

Rancho Park Golf Club, 2015 M.G.A. of Los Angeles Champions!

J Jones, C Yim, S Wieber, R Fiets, R Anzelc, E Ferguson, J Gisondo, M Dauber, D Gautreaux, J Simon, J Blank
Some of the players of the Rancho M.G.A. team with their 2015 M.G.A. Championship Trophy, at Griffith Park

Rancho Park 14 3 3 31
Griffith Park 12 7 1 25
Sepulveda Mens 10 9 1 21
Sepulveda Srs. 8 10 2 18
Woodley Lakes 8 11 1 17
Hansen Dam 4 16 0 8  



2015 MGA League Rules

1.   Each Team Shall Field 12 players form their club. In the event of less than 12 players on a team Captains will set at least one player in each "Team" match. A player may play for only one team during the course of the season. Players shall report, at least, 30 minutes prior to the teams first tee time to pay green fees.

2.   USGA Match Play Rules shall govern play, modified by Local Rules and the following Rules.

3.   In the event of inclement weather, Both Team Captains must agree to declare Lift Clean and Place rules. In this event, a player may lift, clean and place the ball within one club length of the original lie, no closer to the pin, Fairway Only. If the ball does not lie on the green it may not be placed on the green. Lift Clean and Place Rules need not apply to all flights.

4.   Default Tee Boxes to be used at each Course:

Courses with Four Tee Boxes (Rancho Park, Hansen Dam, Balboa, Encino):  
1st Black
2nd: Blue (MGA default)
3rd: White
4th: Gold

Courses with Three Tee Boxes (Woodley, Wilson, Harding):
1st: Blue
2nd: White (MGA default)
3rd: Red

5.   Match-ups should be made in accordance with the player’s ability defined by the player’s current index, #1 player against #1 player, #2 player against #2 player, through the twelve players. Captains will have one player in each of the six matches. The Visiting Captain must submit a line-up to the Home Team Captain as soon as possible. Pairings need not be in sequential order. The Home Team Captain must match players to the visiting teams line-up. If exceptions need to be made the respective Captains must agree, otherwise the Visiting teams line-up will stand.

6.   All players will play to their current index rounded off. The maximum allowed individual handicap is 30. No Team may have more than two players with handicaps of 25.6 or higher in the same tournament. Each match, Individual and Partners, will be played off the player with the lowest index. Example: A player with a12 handicap is playing a player with a 15 the 15 handicap receives 1 stroke on the 3 most difficult holes according to the course rating.

Individual Match Play

7.    In each foursome there will be two individual match play contests. Call them Match A and Match B, to be determined by the Team Captains. Match A’s players will tee off first on the front nine and last on the back nine. A coin flip will determine which player is to tee off first in each match. The Traditional Honors System based on net score will determine the rest.


8.   In each match, the winner of the front nine will receive two points, the winner of the back nine will receive two points and the winner of the eighteen holes will receive two points. When either nine or the eighteen are halved, each player will receive one point.

9.   In the event of a “No-Show,” the player present will receive three points for his match. He must then compete for the remaining three points in a stroke play round shooting a net par or better for the round. In this case the unopposed player will adjust his index to the course handicap. 

Partner's Best Ball

10.  In addition there will be a simultaneous Partner’s Best Ball match in each foursome. The winner of each hole will be the twosome with the lowest net score. The scoring will be the same as the individual match play. In the event of a “No Show,” in a foursome, the single player will compete against two in the Partner’s Best Ball match.

11.  Points for Individual match play and Partner’s Best Ball match play will be recorded separately. A team may win the Individual competition and the Partner’s Best Ball or one or the other. Two points will be awarded for each segment won, individual and team. If a segment is halved, each team will receive one point. The team with most total points at the end of the season will be the Season Champion. In the event of a tie, total points between the two teams in head to head competition will determine the winner. If this method cannot decide the winner there will be a one-match playoff.

12.  Each Captain is responsible for the green fees of his team. The Home Team Captain will provide a line-up sheet to the Starter.

13.  Each Captain shall make up two sets of scorecards for each match. Each player shall record his gross score and match play points. Cards shall be signed, attested and submitted to the Team Captain immediately following the finish of the round. Each player is responsible for posting his or her scores. All scores will be posted as non- tournament scores. It is the Team Captains responsibility to include each player’s GHIN index number on the score sheets.

14.  Players in each foursome may give advice to their teammates.

15.  The respective Captains should resolve disputes if at all possible. (Local Pros can often be of help). If, the Captains can achieve no equitable result, the MGA Chairman will make the final decision.

16.  A League fee of $60 dollars per team will be charged for each match. This money will go to the league expenses and to subsidize the League Banquet and Prize money at the end of the season. All Captains shall hand over or mail a check to the MGA Chairman at their earliest convenience.

17.  The winning Captain shall e-mail or hand over a copy of the day's results immediately after the match. A "Results and Standings" sheet will be e-mailed to all on the Captains Roster for posting at their club and will be posted on the SMGC web site at: And the SSGC web site at: