Photos  (slide show)
Rancho Invitational Shotgun - March 20, 2008 (click on any thumbnail image to see full size image)

Steve Pompan - Great Tournament

Thors Gang

Brian & Kevin Cullen

Rick Reinschmidt and Uriel Matus

David Wexler

Larry Golnick and John Bourget

Johnny Disco

Uriel Matus

Devesh Purohit and Clarence Yim

John Jones - George Who!

John Woo

Ron Kramer - Where my cart!

Oscar Broederlow - What no coffee

Earl West - Did I have Fun!

John Benner and Ron O"meara

Ken Morissey & Sam Ikeda

Oscar Broederlow and Todd Overton

Oystein Wright

Clarence & Steve

Len, Clarence and Johnny

Mike Africa

Action at the bar