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2008 Tournament of Champions - TPC Valencia (click on any thumbnail image to see full size image)

Jim Travis AND Darryl Gordon - Welcome to the TOC

Johnny Disco and Clarence YIm

Where are all my balls

Putting Contest - Roark Sandberg

Todd Wade and Daniel Kramer

Check my swing - John Jones

Jung Woo - Club Champion

Water Hole

David Wexler and John Jones

Eddie Repanich

Michael Wolfsohn

Hop Rothluebber

Daniel Kramer

Todd Wade

Devesh Purohit and Ken Philipson

Fernando Linares

Ted Naumann

Sam Ikeda and Clarence Yim

Yang Joung

Steve Pompan

No problem - It's only a 250 yard carry!

I look gooood! .......Thor

Make it out to - Jim Blank

Clive Hoffman

Fred Rigaud

Alan Shimazaki and Johnny Disco

Otto Hess


Malcolm Bersohn - Rules Chairman

Christopher Lipp

G'day Mate - Oscar Broderlow and O'Meara