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2009 Rancho Invitational Shotgun
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16th Hole Rancho Park

The Banner!

The Bag Eater of Rancho

Gonzo our Tournament Chairman

Joe, Ken and Clarence, Thanks for a great tournament!

Dave Wexler, Sam Ikeda and Darryl Gordon

James Ward

Joe Hart - Club President

Jim Blank - The Tee Shirt guy!

Leonard Bourget - Rancho Logo Towel

Jung Woo - Club Champion

Good Food!

Rancho Park Gardens Chiefs!

Chow Time

Todd Overton

John Bourget - With his Golftec swing!

Dr. Brian Cullen and son Kevin

Adryea Brogeuas - Golf Starter

Brad Gilbert - Thanks Guys!

Dave Thoensen - 2nd Place Member/Member

Linda Yim

Richard Root and Robert Weisman

John Jones, James Ward, Joe Hart and Chuck Ruiz

Jesse Shay and Jimmy Walker

Herm Hendricks

Mike Gilbert

Michael Africa

John Jones and Ronald O'Meara

Todd Wade - SCGA Tournament

John Jones and James Ward - Back in 1902 the course was ----.

Len Guida

Ken Morrisey and John Bourget

Richard Wagner

Brian La Franchi

Robert Shapiro

Mike Cervenak

Thor and Harmik Gharapetian