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2009 George Von Elm Memorial Tournament
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Gonzo Paigen, David Wexler and Ron Koepsell

GVEM - Volunteers

George Von Elm - Check In.

Check in table - fog rolling in!

The GVEM Banner - Thanks to ED PASSARELLI

Prize Table

Ken Morrisey - GVEM Tournament Committee

John Jones - Club Historian and GVEM Tournament Committe

Hole-in-one - Mercedes Benz - Linda Yim

Teeing off in the fog.

Ken Morrisey, at the the chute

President Joe Hart!

Armen Alajian, Miguel Macario and Brad Gilbert

John Bourget and Mike Brooks

Low Net Winners - Matt Hodgen and David Zeibarth

Scott and Brian LaFranchi

Frank Veltri - Big raffle prize winner!

The 3rd GVEM!

Ron Koepsell, Thanks for your help!

Lisa Marie Petersen

Food and Drinks!

Happy players!

Arto Brick - Armen Alajian and Clarence Yim - GVEM Tournament Chairman

Happy Golfer!

7th green - Clarence Yim's group

Anthony Chavez

Are we having fun yet!

Prizes Table

Frank and Leonard

The goodie bag!

Christine Broadhurst

Clarence and Alan

Dick Overton - Coffee, Yes!

Charles Washington and Miguel Macario

Leonard Bourget

Heineken Girls! Thanks to Jeff Bosten.

Make sure the carts are headed south!

Beer Sign!

The Cullen family. Both CTP winners.

Dave Thoensen

Dean Hallo

Did anyone see where my ball went!

John, Keep your head down!

Do you play for money, I'm a 22.

No food for you!

Leonard Bourget and Robert Weisman - Tournament Committee

Mary Bozanic - Great Tournament!

Oscar Broederlow - Where's the first tee?

All smiles!

Good Food, Good Drinks, Good Service, many friends and fun tournament!

Kevin Cullen, A big raffle winner!

Dick Overton - What fog?

Joe Hart - Yes I can see you!