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Partners Best Ball
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Just starting - Zorel Pritzky and Bill Mickelson

Warm ups on a cold day

Guest Tournament Director, Clarence Yim & Herman

Ed, Fritz, and Thor at the 5th Tee box

Jim Azama, Kam Intarachot, and John Wolfsohn on 7th green

Steve Skelton and Jeff Coggins on 11

9th green - Marvin Brown, Clarence Yim, and Sam Ikeda

On 17 - Chris Green, Jim Gisondo, Ed Passarelli, and Adam Langsbard

At 16 - Richard Wagner, Leonard & John Bourget, and Ron O'Meara

Paul Baxter, Matt Folkerds, Jeff Coggin and Steve Skelton

An all too familar sight during our tournaments ... and empty fairway

On 18 - Steve Sevilla, Bob Schwarz, Robert Sember, and Brian Wunderman

Sean Akhavi, John Ziegler, Robert Weisman, David Akhavi