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Rancho Invitational
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Pre-dawn setup. Clarence, Sam, & Gonzo

Stuffing Goodie Bags - John, Bob, & Ken

Players check-in

Warming up for a bumpy ride

Bob Schwarz, Len Guida, Sam Rose, Brian Wunderman

Donna DeWit, Jeff Soporito, Jim Blank, Ron Tanaka

Devesh Purohit, David Zeibarth, David & Sean Akhavi

Marty Valade, Greg & Louis Pappas, Tom Trainer

John Cibulski, Greg Borrud, Roger Levy, Bob Guerin

Full house

Winning team Linda Yim & Izumi Ohara, with John Jones

Kevin & his dad, Dr. Brian Cullen

Good Food

The raffle winner of . . . . pink golf balls (?)

Winner of the big raffle prize - Dave Wexler

Jesse Shay, our club pro

Bob Schwarz

Ken Morrisey with Gonzo in the background

Winner Devesh Purohit

Jim Gisondo

Our Tournament Chairman, Gonzo

Ed, Thor, Harmik, and Doug

Joe Feldman

Robert Weisman & Chris Hanna

Marty Signore

Sam Rose

Devesh & Gonzo running the raffle

Louis Pappas with his bag cover

Jim Blank contributed many raffle prizes

John Bourget started out alone

Dean Hallo, late but finished first!

Brad Gilbert

John Jones winning pink Percepts

Pointing out to Donna De Wit who won the pink golf balls

David Ziebarth

Gonzo awarding Bob Guerin

Waiting; Paul, Christian, Will & Tim

Jesse Bonner & Chris Green