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Encino Away Tournament
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Early morning check-in

Michael Shindler

Zorel Paritzky

Busy at the check-in Table

Tim Murphy

Bobby Chandran

Eddie putts in front of the new addition at Encino

Gregg Taylor

Ed Robinson

Arnold Hansen, Bobby Chandran, Tim Murphy, and Gregg Taylor

Richard Ito (with Ahmad Keliddari putting)

Michael Atherton, Riley Chan, Steve Wieber, and Forrest Ramirez

Geoff Rivas putts while Mike Manuel watches

Mike Manuel, Ahmad Keliddari, Zorel Paritzky, and Geoff Rivas

Fritz & Jim Gisondo

Terry Lefkowitz, Joey Perez, Richard Ito, and Christian Donahue

Eddie Brown, Ed Robinson, Michael Shindler, and Donovan Wallace

Ben Everill & Robert Shapiro

C.B. Harding

Watch Your Clubs

Sam Ikeda starts with a wet rag

Mike Cervenak & Richard Wagner

The photographer gets photographed

Bill Mickelson

Sean & David Akhavi

Tony Jones & Dave Wexler

Marty Signore

John Wolsohn & Fabrizio Tomucci

Fabrizio Tonucci, John Wolfsohn and John Bourget

John Wolfsohn

Linda Yim, collecting the scorecards!

John Bourget, putting?