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2010 George Von Elm Memorial Charity Tournament
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Robert Weissman hoped to award a new Mercedes from Bevery Hills Mercedes

Thank You Sponsors!

Dennis O'Connor & Geoff Rivas tee off from the chute on hole 14

The Heineken girls, Natalie & Kristen, brightened up Ken Morrisey's day

Thanks you! Great Job! Clarence

A small sampling of the many, many prizes

Tee Sponsors - Galen Turner, John Haish, Anthony Chavez and David Thoensen

Teamwork: Gonzo, Dave, Ken, Clarence, George, John, and Leonard

SCGA Team - Jeff Ninnemann, Matt Pawlok, Mike Sweeney and Kevin Gigax

James Ward, Tom Kelly, John Jones and Kevin Kelly

Leonard Bourget's foursome

Sponsors - Craig Kessler, Gene Vano, Bruce Fortune and Lew Murez

Charles Washington, Larry Golnick, Mike Brooks and John Bourget

Silver Sponsors - Kim Duck, Thor Tandberg, Michael Africa and Harmik Gharapetain

Sam Ikeda, Steve Panagetopulos, Linda Yim and Tournament Director, Clarence Yim

Say cheese! John Stevens

Glenn Yamashita

Silver Sponsors - Glenn Yamashita, Leonard Bourget, Ko Endo and Miguel Macario

Silver Sponsor - Bob Delahaut

John Yenny, Robert Delahaut, Don Young and Frank Gleason

Dennis O'Connor, Ken Morrisey, Michael Manuel and Geoffrey Rivas

Sean Akhavi, Joe Hart (President), Dave Gautreaux and David Akhavi

Dave Thoensen and Anthony Chavez - Lunch Time!

Thor and Michael

BobbyChandran, Gonzo Paigen, Darryl Gordon and Harold Perera

Dr. Brian Cullen, Kevin Cullen, Trevor Nishiyama and Ernest Johnston


Dan Kratovil, Wil LaFayette, Tim Dupree, and Jeff Townsend

Jim Blanks Group

John Cibulski, Greg Borrud, George Junger, and Larry Friedman

Fernando Linares, Britt Halliday, Cheech Chuvichien, and Jessie Walker

Ian MacConnachie, Devesh Purohit, Gary Cohen, and Darius Tandy

Siadatpour Siavash, Max Falamake, Ahmad Keliddari and Mani Morshed

Bill Brundige, Robert Hewey, Ceasar Scott, and John Zieglers Group

The Fun Group!

Galen, Anthony, Dave, Miguel and Ko

John Nastro, Thomas Foerstel, Charlie Lydon and Myles Pritchard

The Best Selection in Golf Shoes