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2010 Tournament of Champions - TPC
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Practice, practice, practice

Some practiced from the bunker

TPC at Valencia

Magic Mountain wasn't far away

A 'rule book' surprise

Great event

Valencia Range

Thank You! Joe and Gonzo

Practice chipping area - great view.

What great food!

Eddie Brown and Jon Vogel - Enjoying the holiday spirit!

Ed Passarelli - How many hazards!

Fairway 6th Hole

Allan Lipsky

John Ziegler and Dr. Brian Cullen

Drivable (?) par 4

Rick Melniker & Ken

Sam Ikeda, Len Guida, and Tom Hill



Jack Verner

Michael Shindler

Jonathan Gross

Ahmad Keliddari

Reid Guill

Michael Saghian

Mark MaGill


Jason Newman


Bryan Wynbrandt

B.S. Kho

Casey Harrington



Harmik Gharapetian

Jeremiah Harrington

Ken's smile lasted all day

Sam Ikeda

Thomas Hill

Good Food!

Dr. Brian Cullen

Peter Barker & Devesh Purohit

Jim Blank - Yes I'm still awake!

John Jones and David Gautreaux

Keep it left!

Only a mouthful could keep Ken from smiling

David Akhavi

David Gautraux - Black Tees!

David Wexler - Executive tees? (Brown)

David Ziebarth

Jeff Coggins

Joe Hart and Jose Mendez

John Bourget and Jim Blank

John Jones - in 1929 ----

Leonard Bourget

Malcom Bersohn - Rules and Greens Chairman

Michael Africa

John Bourget - Putting Greens - Fast?

Sam Ikeda

Adam Langsbard