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Club Championship 2011
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Joe Hart & Fernando Linares help check-in players

Jeffrey Spitz, Murat Sehidoglu, Bruce James, and Jerry Carstens

Ken with future winner Ahmad Keliddari

Beautiful day

Mike Cervenak

Christian Donahue, John Nastro, and Richard Wagner

Watching Don Kim tee off

A clue helped Mike find his ball

Jesse Bonner, Terrence Villar, and Jay Yang

Tom Wohlstadter

Okay, maybe it means . . . missed a putt that long and took an eight?

David Ziebarth, Kamil Rehman and Pat Carrier

Hugh Malay tees off while John Jones watches

Did all the practice help?

Terry Lefkowitz, Kam Intarachot, and Doug Kim

Ken Knott, Matt Zaal, and Peter Follett enjoy the high tee box on #11

Volunteers make our club great, like Robert Weisman

Secretary Flight Low Gross winner Devesh Purohit

Greg Borrud, Ahmad and Richard Agay played hole 13 for quite a while

Secretary flgiht Low Net winner, Ahmad Kelidarri

A sunny start to the tournament

David Akhavi

Gonzo on his way to a 76 !!

Augusta has it's dogwoods. We have our purple jacarandas.

Kamil, Dave, and Pat

An empty road . . . . . and an empty fairway?

A well run tournament by Todd Wade

Herman the marshal with Joe and Fernando

View from the chute

Guess who won?

David 2 gloves Ziebarth

Winner Devesh Purohit posing

Murat, Deveh and Ahmad - it was a 3 man race

Kamil, what's that sign say?

First group out played 3 holes in a fairly heavy rain; Nick Tate, Ken and Harmik

But the sun came out!

Now they are damaging our greens!

Many leads evaporated on the third day

Food and prizes. This club does it right!

Malcolm, Kamil, and Nick

John Jones always seems to be smiling

Ken & Clarence

Looks like Steven Kahn won money!

Nick telling Gonzo about his next film, KILLER ELITE

Jim Travis