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2011 George Von Elm Memorial Golf Tournament
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Rancho Park Club House

GVEM Welcome Banner

Clarence Yim and John Jones, Tournament Co-Chairman

Gonzo Paigen, Tournament Coordinator and David Wexler

Robert Wiseman and MB Car

Welcome to the GVEM!

Dennis O'Connor says "And the winner is . . . "

HOLY S#*!+ (Chute)

Ranchos #14

Life is GOOD! Stan Moss Jr & a Heineken girl

Official Scorer, Sam Ikeda

Ron O'Meara and Leonard Bourget at the 14th hole

Hole #12, a chance to win a Mercedes-Benz

SCGA team, Jimmy Becker, Kevin Gigax, Jeff Ninnemann, Jeremy Pitt

Allan Lipsky

Hi! Bill Mickelson

David Ziebarth

Devesh Purohit Group

Dick and his son Todd Overton

Dr. Brian Cullen and Jeremy Abaranok

Fernando Linares

George Junger group

SCGA, Kevin Gigax and Leonard Bourget

Hole 13 history sign.

Izzy Martin and Dave Thoensen, Hign Gross Winners

John Jones, James Ward and Bob Davis

James Ward and Al Biggens

John Bourget, tournament sponsor

Linda Yim

Malcolm Bersohn, Rules Chairman

MK Diamond , tournament sponsors

Stan Moss Jr.

Dr.Brian Cullen and Son Kevin


13th Hole

Izzy Martin and John Haish

Bill Mickelson, John Blackley, Mike Cervenak and Richard Wagner

Must have my coffee first!

Bring on the GVEM Burgers!


Lew Murez


Ron Lewis

John with a special GVEM burger!

Ko Endo and Izzy Martin

Ron O'Meara, Dick Overton, Todd Overton and Leonard Bourget

Robert Shapiro and Clarence Yim

Hole #8, golf pro Mike Wachtler hits it close, for you!

Todd Overton