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2011 George Von Elm - More Photos
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In the dark of an autumn morning on the old Wolfskill Ranch

Mercedes Benz Beverly Hills Hole in One Car

Robert Weisman

Mercedes Benz Beverly Hills Hole 16 - Cleveland Driver

Mercedes Benz Beverly Hills Hole 8 - Cleveland Irons

Biggens, Jones, Ward & Davis

The Grouse girls from Mission Beverage

Official Scoring table and our Heineken Girl

The Rolling Stone

Dining Hall A

We can fit 40 people in here easily!

The Championship Chute on Hole 14 at Rancho Park golf course

Empty plates make for a nice lunch.

Heineken girl #2

Dr. Brian Cullen, Ray Anzelic & Stan Jagger

This is Art.

These are Carts.

High Gross 109 - David Thoensen & Izzy Martin

High Net 74 - Ko Endo & John Bourget

1st Place Net 58 - Robert Shapiro & Brian Baz.

2nd Place Gross 67 - Brian and Kevin Cullen

1st Place Gross 66 - Lew Murez & Robert Brown

2011 George Von Elm Score board

2011 GVEM - Score Board 1

2011 GVEM - Score Board 2