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2012 George Von Elm Memorial
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Welcome to the 2012 George Von Elm Memorial golf tournament

2012 George Von Elm Memorial Sponsors

2012 George Von Elm Memorial sign-in table 1

2012 George Von Elm Memorial sign-in table 2

2012 George Von Elm Memorial 1st Tee

1st Group - Matt Hodgen, Brian Macinnes (g)

1st Group - David Ziebarth, Will Suyderhoud (g)

John Jones & Herman on the 1st Tee

1st Tee, second group

Official Scorer Sam Ikeda. President Clarence and Mrs Linda Yim. Steve Panagetopulos (g).

2012 George Von Elm Memorial Sign-in table 3

Guest Jeremy Stappard.

The Chute at #5 (14)

RPGC Tournament Director Gonzo Paigen having a look at the chute!

RPGC Asst Treasurer & Vendor Relations Devesh H. Purohit smiling before playing the chute

Jire. J. Baran (g), Devesh Purohit, Malachi Mcglone and Darius Tandy at the chute

The Jones team: Gonzo Paigen, JJ, Jeremy Stappard and Fred Rigaud at the chute

Silver Sponsor,Low Net Gold Medal Winners Galen Thurner & John Haish, Anthony Chavez, Louis Yannotti

Robert Weisman and the Beverly Hills Mercedes Benz Hole-In-One car on #17 Tee

Heineken girl Tiffany Lee and the Mercedes

17th Tee with Weisman, Mercedes and Tiffany - Mcglone and Purohit prepare to shoot

Sam Ikeda with John Jones and Stan Moss running the Raffle for the Callaway Driver

And who would win it? Keven Gigax of the SCGA Foundation!

2012 GVEM Final Score Board (except last group)