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2013 Club Championship
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(Day 1) Fernando with tournament director Todd Wade

(Day 1) Good friends, Pepe & Fernando

Americo's pumped

(Day 1) Daivd Ziebarth with volunteers Dave Wexler & Fritz Breidenbach

Geoff Rivas preparing for the start

Ben & Ron stay loose

No lights are needed in Harmik's closet!

Sam, Tom and Carence talk, while Gonzo practices his one-handed putts

caddy Vito watches David Akhavi putt

Jerry Carsten

(Day 2) Gonzo, Jesse, Darin Walters

Couple of officers in the club, Matt & John

Mike, Jim & Nikhil

Gonzo, Ken & Kamil

Jeff & Jesse

(Day 3) Kamil surrounded by the Heiniken girls

Lunch & stories

Tom, Mike, and Donald

Waiting on the raffle

Clarence & Gonzo

Fritz works while the others explain

Waiting for the last groups to come in

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