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RPGC Classics
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Arnie, Jimmy Demaret & Paul Harney

Betsy Rawls in 1952 L.A. City Women's Championship

Laura Baugh winning 2nd L.A. City Women's Championship at age 15

Dewitt Weaver at the range

Lloyd Mangrum

Jack Nicklaus and Arnie Palmer are all smiles

1971 LA Open - Arnie Palmer

1966 LA Open Champ - Arnie Palmer smokes a cool one

1965 LA Open - Tony Lema

1964 LA Open - Arnie working the short game at the range

1960 LA Open Champ - Dow Finsterwald and Barbar Eden

1959 LA Open - Ben Hogan at the #18 green (currently #9)

1957 LA Open Champ - Doug Ford and Jayne Mansfield

Hole #13 - Arnie navigates the Ram Ball

Arnie at his best in the range