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John Stevens Appreciation Tournament
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Thank you - John

Ms. Miller Lite courtesy of Jeff Bosten

Rancho Park Gardens on Tournament day

VP Steve Pompan holding court

Curt Massie & Wes Boudreaux relax with John Stevens in background

And the winner is!

Johnny Disco awarding raffle prizes

You don't say!

John Steven with guests from St. Andrews

Jim Blank pushing "cakes" on Massie

Say cheese! Jung at rest with Dean working on round 2

V.P. Steve with John Stevens and guests

Dick Knudson on tap

Robert and John

John Bourget models his John Stevens Hat

Johnny and Lolita are all smiles as they enjoy a bite and drink

Ms. Miller Lite with raffle prizes - tickets anyone?

Chet breaks the bank in search of a winning ticket.

Drew Butler looking for the line of this 65 footer!

No, mine was the longest drive on the last hole #7!