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Section 1.1      The name of this organization shall be the River Ridge Senior Men’s
                        Golf Club (RRSRMGC), herein referred to as the Club.


Section 2.1      The policies and purpose of this organization shall be:

                    A. To promote good fellowship, sportsmanship and friendly competition
                         among its members.
                    B. To provide a means of organizing and conducting tournaments and
                         related events.
                    C. To further the interests of golf and golfers.      
                    D. To affiliate with a suitable Golf Association located in
                         California, favored  by a majority of the members, and 
with the
                         approval of the 
management of  the Club.


Section 3.1       The principal office of the RRSRMGC for the transaction of business
                         is located at 2403 West Vineyard Ave, Oxnard, California 93030, in
                         the State of  California.
Section 3.2       The RRSRMGC may also have offices at such other places, within
                         the County of Ventura, where it is qualified to do business as
                         required by the Board of  Directors, here after referred to as the


Section 4.1       The RRSRMGC shall have one class of membership. Voting rights,
                         and other rights, interests and privileges of each member shall be
Section 4.2      There shall be no limit to the number of qualified members the club
                        shall admit.
Section 4.3      Any Amateur Golfer having attained the age of 55 years may be
                         admitted to membership.
Section 4.4      Each member, upon payment of the annual dues, shall be issued a
                        Southern California Golf Association (SCGA) handicap membership.
Section 4.5     A member may be suspended or removed from the Club for failure to
                       comply with the Rules of Golf, the Club Constitution and By-Laws,
                       or for exhibiting poor sportsmanship, or disrespectful conduct
                       toward any Club member or golf course employee. This action
                       requires a written complaint to the board, and a 2/3 vote by the board
                       at a Board Meeting. The member(s) involved in this action may
                       present a written or oral statement at this meeting.
Section 4.6     Membership dues shall be set by the Board.
Section 4.7     A member serving on the Board for a total of ten (10) years shall be
                      awarded a Life Membership, with RRSRMGC paying the yearly
                      SCGA member fees.
Section 4.8    In order to play in any significant special tournament, as determined
                      by the Board, a member must have played in at least seven (7) club
                      play days within the calendar year.


Section 5.1      Membership Meetings and Board Meetings shall be called by the
                        President, or in his absence or inability to act, by the Vice President,
                        or by not less than five (5) members of the Board.
Section 5.2     The Order of Business at all meetings shall include, but is not limited
                        to the following items: 
                         Roll call of Board Members
                         Introduction of Guests
                         Reading of previous meeting minutes
                         Treasurer’s Report
                         Committee Reports                                               
                         Old/Unfinished Business
                         New Business


Section 6.1      The control and management of this club shall be vested in the Board
                        of Directors, consisting of four (4) elected Officers; President,
                        VicePresident/Tournament Director, Treasurer, and Secretary.  Five
                        (5) or more appointed Directors shall comprise the balance
                        of the Board.
Section 6.2      The President shall preside at all meetings, and becomes an
                        ex-officio member of all committees, and is responsible for proper
                        operation of the club at all times.
Section 6.3      The Vice President is also the Tournament Director and shall appoint
                        a Tournament Committee, schedule tournaments, and encourage
                        tournament participation. He shall act in place of the President when
Section 6.4      The Secretary shall be responsible for recording the minutes of all
                        meetings, and shall notify all members concerned of the date and
                        time of Membership and Board meetings. He shall be an ex-officio
                        at all committee meetings.
Section 6.5      The Treasurer shall keep full and complete records of all club
                        monetary transactions, and act as supervisor of all financial matters,
                        and prepare financial records for review by the Board and all club
Section 6.6     The date, time, and place for Board Meetings shall be set by the
                       President, or five (5) members of the Board . A quorum for a Board
                       Meeting shall be a majority of the current elected and appointed
                       board. Board Meetings are open to all members, but voting for
                       club matters will be by Board Members only.
Section 6.7     The Board shall make Rules and Regulations for the government
                       of the club not in conflict with these By-Laws.
Section 6.8     Any member of the Board who becomes incapacitated or otherwise
                       unable to perform his duties shall be replaced by majority vote of
                       the Board. Any member of the Board who fails to perform his
                       duties as an Officer or Director may be removed by a vote of not
                       less than five (5) board members. In such event, notice of this
                       action by the Board shall be given forthwith to such member,
                       who may, within fourteen (14) days, protest this action, in a written
                       response to the Club Secretary. Upon receipt of this response, the
                       President shall set a date, time, and place for the member to appear
                       before the Board to present support for his protest. The Board shall
                       hear the matter and announce their decision within seven (7) days.


Section 7.1      In the month of October, the board shall present a ballot to each
                        member, listing the members nominated to Officers for the following
                         year. All ballots shall be returned to the Secretary prior to November
                        15 of the current year.
Section 7.2      Voting will be by secret ballot. The ballots shall be numbered for
                        numerical security but there will be no list of ballot numbers with
                        member names.
Section 7.3      Elections shall be determined by majority of votes cast. In the event
                        there are three or more nominees for the same office, and one
                        member fails to receive a majority vote, there shall be a run-off vote
                       for only the top two finishers. Members elected shall serve
                       January 1 to December 31.


Section 8.1      The Handicap Committee is a USGA Requirement and shall
                        ascertain the club members are following USGA rules regarding
                        the correct posting of scores submitted.
Section 8.2      The Tournament Committee shall assist the Tournament Director,
                        and the Assistant Tournament Director as requested.
Section 8.3      The Rules Committee shall obtain a familiarity with the Rules
                        of Golf, and shall have the authority to settle any Rules of Golf
                        or Local Rules question or dispute.
Section 8.4      The Audit Committee shall audit, or cause to have an audit
                        performed on the books, accounts, receipts, and financial records
                        of the Club. The Audit Committee Chairman shall be appointed
                        by the President, and may not be a current board member. The
                        appointment shall be based on professional qualifications.
Section 8.5      The Nominating Committee shall be chaired by an appointee
                        of the President, and will have the authority to appoint one or
                        more members to this committee.  The Chairman of this committee
                        shall prepare the election ballot.


Section 9.1      The fiscal and membership year of the Club shall be January 1 to
                        December 31.


Section 10.1      In the event of the dissolution of the Club, by the membership, all of
                          the assets, after payment of all outstanding obligations, shall be
                          distributed to such educational or charitable institutions in the
                          community of Oxnard, CA, as determined by the Board.


Section 11.1      Amendments to this Constitution and By-Laws may be made upon
                         approval of at least five (5) members of the Board, provided the
                         membership has been properly notified of the intent to do so and
                         no written objection has been received by the board. Proper
                         notification shall consist of posting the intended amendment(s)
                         on the River Ridge Golf Club bulletin board for at least
                         fourteen (14) days prior to finalizing the amendment(s).
                         Amendments approved by at least five (5) Board members, and
                         twenty (20) other members will prevail over objection.

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