Presidents Message
Last Updated: 08/12/19
Welcome, everyone, to River Ridge Senior Men's Club in 2019.  We have a lot of good things happening this year.  Besides our regular weekly golf games, we have come up with some interesting monthly tournaments this year.  We are also bringing back the  Yellow ball tournament.  Take a look at the 2019 Event Calendar on our web page.

We have a very positive, proactive board this year.  Besides our returning board members of Steve Mason, president; Don Luxmore, vp and tournament director;  Arnie Aviles, treasurer;  we have a new secretary: Dan Young.  Take a look at our Officers page on the web site.  Please contact any of us if you have any questions or concerns.

Our club is large (nearly twice the size of any local golf club) and we have some new members still looking for spots to play.  Please notify the pro-shop if your group has a permanant or temporary opening.  Even if  you will only be gone 1 week, notify the pro-shop so they can get some of these new members into a group.

Let's have a happy and prosperous New Year and play well in 2019.  May your handicap index drop 3 to 5 points this year!

Steve Mason