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President/Handicap Chairman
Steve*  Mason
805-654-1550 Phone
Vice President/Tournament Director/Membership Chairman
Don  Luxmore
805-901-8809 Cell
Treasurer & Tournament Committee Member
Arnie  Aviles
805-647-0614 Phone
805-746-0798 Cell
Secretary/Rules Committee Chairman
Dan*  Young
Board Members
Scholarship Chairman
Jack*  Ullom
805-988-1893 Phone
805-276-8098 Cell
Board Member/Handicap Committee Member
Tony*  Hernandez
805-294-0281 Phone
Board Member/Rules Committee Member
Mike*  Howard
805-985-2242 Phone
Board Member/Tournament Committee Member
Mike*  Waller
805-485-3310 Phone
818-970-2391 Cell
Rules Committee
Steve*  Breda
805-650-1217 Phone
Past President 2013/2014
Jack*  Ullom
805-988-1893 Phone
805-276-8098 Cell
Past President 2011/2012
Joe  Swindle
805-482-1235 Phone
Treasurer Emeritus
Paul  Bocovich

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